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Does Apple Have A Diversity Problem?

Apple Inc. are one of the largest companies in the world and employ thousands of employees. Recently, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has come under scrutiny over the diversity of its workforce. The technology industry in general has a workforce diversity problem. The majority of these companies are run by white males. The problem is that not enough women are being employed in this sector and the ethnic minorities are having less of a say in the technology sector’s growth.


The biggest highlight in Apple’s diversity report shows that only 31% of Apple’s employees are women. This shows that Apple needs to do more in hiring female leaders to improve its diversity. The technology sector is full of talent and Apple needs to recognise that women are equally talented as men. Since 2014, Apple has improved its hiring of women claiming that 35% of its new hires were female.


The majority of Apple’s personnel are white (54%) which shows a lack of diversity from ethnic backgrounds. The report shows that 60 out of its 83 most senior employees are white men. Whilst Apple claims to be improving its diversity into hiring staff from different backgrounds, the senior staff and executives running the company are mainly white. Amongst the 83 executives, 1 is Hispanic, 2 are black and there are only 8 Asians.

Apple needs to drastically improve its diversity within its workforce. The tech giant claims to have made minor improvements from last year, but I feel that to be seen as diverse, Apple needs to employ from a wider range of backgrounds in senior positions. Also the lack of women in its workforce needs an overhaul including in senior roles. Currently Apple may have a diversity problem but with steady improvements they can have a workforce with employees from a range of backgrounds.

Do you think Apple are diverse enough? Let me know in the comments below…

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Apple iPhone 4S – What you need to know

iPhone 4S revealed

Today at Apple HQ, the newly crowned CEO, Tim Cook, revealed the Apple iPhone 4S. The highly anticipated event, with the tagline ‘Lets talk iPhone’, had many announcements that included release dates for iOS 5 and iCloud. However, the iPhone 4S was the main talking point, and here is what you need to know….

The key features of the iPhone 4S are:

  • It is 2x faster than the iPhone 4, with 7x faster graphics, which makes it a very fast smartphone
  • Longer battery life, which enables you to do more on one charge
  • Faster internet download speeds, enabling you to browse the web much quicker
  • Major camera improvements which is now 8 megapixel and has face detection
  • Full 1080p HD video recording, which makes your videos look unbelievable
  • Siri – This described by Apple is ‘Your intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking’ – Its like you own personal voice assistant
  • Pricing and Availability – Available on October 14th (pre-orders from 7th October) costing you $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB

These sum up the key features of the new Apple iPhone 4S. I feel the current iPhone 4 is a great phone, and with these fantastic new features I feel the iPhone 4S will be just as great, if not better. The ‘Siri’ assistant service will blow the smartphone world by storm. It will enable you to do things instantly and hassle-free, by just asking your iPhone.

Along with the iPhone 4S, other annoucments that were reveleaed were: iOS 5 will be released on October 12th, along with iCloud; the iPod Touch is now available in white; and the iPod Nano now comes with 16 new cool watches. Apple also revealed 2 new apps, ‘Find My Friends’ and ‘Cards’. ‘Find My Friends’ is essentially the Apple equivalent of Facebook Check-ins, or Foursquare, but for your iPhone friends. With ‘Cards’ you can create cards on your iPhone, and Apple will make them and post them to your friends and family.

So will you be buying the new iPhone 4S? Were you disappointed not to see an iPhone 5? Let me know you comments in the box below:

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