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Technology is a lifeline for Syrian refugees

Your smartphone may be a necessity. To the Syrian refugees, they are a lifeline.

The Syrian migrants that are fleeing their homeland for a better and safer life in Europe are facing a difficult task to find security and comfort for their families. One place where they have assistance is with the use of technology. The refugees have been using mapping, social media and messaging applications to aid their journey out of Syria through to safer European countries. The migrants use their smartphones as a lifeline to help them on their travels and even find suitable accommodation.

Keeping in Touch

The refugees have been using free messaging tools such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber to keep in touch with their families back home. The migrants have been contacting their loved ones to tell them that they are safe and informing them of their next destination. Social media and messaging applications are a vital source for the refugees to communicate with each other, but more importantly to let their families back home know that they are safe.

Getting around

Mapping services such as Google Maps are constantly used by the refugees to help them navigate. The migrants get all their directions from these services to help them reach safer countries such as Austria, Hungary and Germany and move further away from the troubles in Syria. Their smartphones are vital for them to travel through these countries.

Finding Accommodation

Germany has created a service called Refugees Welcome, which is an ‘AirBnB’ type service to help refugees find accommodation within the country. AirBnB is commonly used to help travellers find great accommodation all around the world. Refugees Welcome is a great platform which allows residents to list spare rooms within the country and allows refugees to find suitable accommodation for themselves.

Technology is playing a big part in helping the Syrian refugees and migrants communicate, navigate and finding suitable accommodation whilst escaping the troubles in their native country. Smartphones are not a luxury, they are a lifeline…

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The Next iPhone – My Rumour Roundup

Rumours. Rumours. Rumours. iPhone 7. iPhone 6s. iPhone 6c. It’s that time of the year where the iPhone rumour mill gathers speed. Everybody wants to know when the next iPhone is coming and what features it could include. There have been many rumours all over the web but nobody knows for sure what is coming. Here’s my roundup of what they are saying…


What will the next iPhone be called? Most likely they will be called the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, rather than the iPhone 7. Apple likes to make incremental improvements to the iPhone the year after a revolutionary change. That’s why it is most likely the next iPhones will incorporate the “s” in the name suggesting minor changes to its design and technology.


The design for the next iPhone will more than likely be the same or very similar to the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So far there have been no evidence in the grapevine that suggests a change in screen size or shape. We may see a new Rose Gold colour added to the lineup along with the standard Gold, Silver and Space Grey models.


New features could include:

  • A9 processor which will make the iPhone faster, more reliable and improve efficiency
  • A 12-megapixel camera is rumoured which will keep the same design but shoot higher quality pictures
  • Force Touch technology is most likely to feature, which is used on the Apple Watch for additional options
  • Improvements to Touch ID is likely with better accuracy and maybe more capabilities
  • Unlikely, but there is unconfirmed gossip suggesting a sapphire crystal display could feature

Release date

The most likely release date for the next iPhone is mid to late September 2015. Apple has always released its iPhones in September in order to ramp up excitement towards Christmas. Expect iOS 9 to be released a few days before the next iPhone release.

Other Products/Services

Apple normally doesn’t announce new products on their own. Rumours are gathering pace that a revamped Apple TV set-top box will be unveiled. The current Apple TV design hasn’t been changed for 3 years, so a new streaming set-top box which could incorporate a Force Touch remote is possible. Apple could release an actual TV range in 2016 as it looks to enter the television hardware market. Currently there has been no news on an updated iPad or iPad Mini.

That rounds up the rumours that I have heard. If you’ve heard or seen any new gossip, feel free to let me know in the comments…

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3 Simple Gadgets To Make Your Home Smarter

Home is where you spend the majority of your life. Your home is the place where you enjoy being at most most relaxed and comfortable. Whether you’re living in the bright lights of a big city or in the calm of the countryside, your home can be become a smart home. By adding a few gadgets to your home you could make your home more intelligent. Check out these cool new gadgets that will bring you one step closer to a tech home…

Smart Lock August ($249.99)

August is a keyless smart lock that you can attach to any door in your home but is best used on your front door. August uses Bluetooth technology from your smartphone to recognise when you are near your door and unlocks it. You have 24/7 total control of who enters and exits your home by adding family and friends to the access list. Log records are kept for you to track who and when enters/exits your home. August requires 4 x AA batteries and you can simply install it to your existing deadbolt lock. This is a great way to keep your home secure. No more forgotten keys!

Smart Thermostat – Nest Thermostat (£249)

The Nest Thermostat is a clever thermostat that learns about you and how warm or cool you want your home. You can simply change the temperature by turning the dial, but you can also programme the timing and temperature when you are out using the smartphone app. Nest Thermostat learns when you are not home and turns to Away mode and switches off your heating to save you money. You can have different temperatures for different times of the day like when you wake up or when you are returning home from work. This is a hot thermostat (see what I did there?!) that will help make your home the temperature you want, when you want.

Smart Doorbell – SkyBell WiFi Doorbell ($199)

The SkyBell WiFi Doorbell is a smart video doorbell that uses the built-in camera and microphone to enable you to speak, hear and see the person at your door whether you are at home, on the go or at work. SkyBell uses the motion sensor to alert you when someone is nearby. Using your smartphone the live video feed begins giving you a real time video call with the visitor at the door. If you are at home you can let them in just by tapping on your smartphone, or if you are away you can let them know when you’ll be back home or even let them in. This is a great security gadget that gives you comfort of who enters your home.

What is your favourite home gadget? Let me know in the comments below…

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