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How to use Google Maps using Siri

Tell Siri where you want to go using Google Maps

Ever wanted to use Siri to get directions but always get the route via the Apple’s Maps app? Well fear not! Now you can use the new Google Maps app for iPhone and use Siri to guide you. Follow the below steps to get you on your way…

By using this guide you should be able to use Google Maps with Siri:

1. Firstly make sure you are on iOS 6 and have Google Maps for iPhone downloaded on your device. Heres the link Google Maps for iPhone

2. Next, hold down the home button and ask Siri a simple direction, but ensure to add the words ‘VIA TRANSIT’ after your instruction. E.g. ‘Get me directions to Buckingham Palace VIA TRANSIT.’

3. Siri will calculate your instructions and open Apple Maps, but then open a new window where you can select ‘ROUTE’ next to Google Maps.

4. Tap on ‘ROUTE’ and this will open your directions in the Google Maps for iPhone app.

And thats all you have to do! Its as easy as adding two words to your instruction and you can use Google Maps with Siri!

Did this work for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below…

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