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How to password protect your iPhone

How to protect your iPhone with a password

Have you ever been out and thought that if someone got hold of your iPhone, they will be able to gain instant access to all your personal information? That can easily be fixed by making sure that a password is required before gaining access to your iPhone’s data. Follow this simple guide to ensure your iPhone is safe.

The below guide will show you how to protect your iPhone:

1. Firstly, from the home screen tap on ‘Settings’ then ‘General’

2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Passcode Lock’

3. At the top of the screen tap on ‘Turn Passcode On’

4. Now enter a 4 digit number that you want as your passcode, then re-enter it when prompted

5. Your passcode is now set for your iPhone

6. From this menu, you can change your passcode at any time, along with other settings

7. Now when you wake your iPhone, you will need to enter your passcode to gain access to it

By following this guide you can ensure that your iPhone will be safe from unwanted access. Your iPhone’s information will be secure and only be visible to who ever enters the correct password. Make sure you keep you iPhone safe….

Have you password protected your iPhone? Did this guide help? Let me know by leaving your comment in the box below:

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