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Does Apple Have A Diversity Problem?

Apple Inc. are one of the largest companies in the world and employ thousands of employees. Recently, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has come under scrutiny over the diversity of its workforce. The technology industry in general has a workforce diversity problem. The majority of these companies are run by white males. The problem is that not enough women are being employed in this sector and the ethnic minorities are having less of a say in the technology sector’s growth.


The biggest highlight in Apple’s diversity report shows that only 31% of Apple’s employees are women. This shows that Apple needs to do more in hiring female leaders to improve its diversity. The technology sector is full of talent and Apple needs to recognise that women are equally talented as men. Since 2014, Apple has improved its hiring of women claiming that 35% of its new hires were female.


The majority of Apple’s personnel are white (54%) which shows a lack of diversity from ethnic backgrounds. The report shows that 60 out of its 83 most senior employees are white men. Whilst Apple claims to be improving its diversity into hiring staff from different backgrounds, the senior staff and executives running the company are mainly white. Amongst the 83 executives, 1 is Hispanic, 2 are black and there are only 8 Asians.

Apple needs to drastically improve its diversity within its workforce. The tech giant claims to have made minor improvements from last year, but I feel that to be seen as diverse, Apple needs to employ from a wider range of backgrounds in senior positions. Also the lack of women in its workforce needs an overhaul including in senior roles. Currently Apple may have a diversity problem but with steady improvements they can have a workforce with employees from a range of backgrounds.

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T-Mobile Orange merger in doubt

Mobile network merger may collapse

On Wednesday 3rd February, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) announced it will investigate the potential merger between Orange and T-Mobile. Competition issues are being questioned and whether it will dominate the UK mobile network sector. I feel this is the right thing to do because I feel it will dominate the market, therefore controlling the sector.

I think this merger could potentially create a price war between T-Mobile Orange and other operators such as O2 and Vodafone. The OFT should think carefully about the competition that will be created, and whether it will be reduced due to the merger.

Therefore, I personally hope the merger does not happen because less competition results in price wars, leading to dominance from T-Mobile Orange. When one company dominates a particular market, it can harm the growth of the sector, resulting in little attraction of new entrants. As a current O2 customer I think it will affect the services O2 can provide me. This is because T-Mobile Orange could attract future deals due to its dominance, and therefore reducing the future perks O2 can offer me.

Below is the link the BBC News article on this story:


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