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How to email multiple photos from your iPhone

How to email many iPhone photos

Ever wanted to send your friend some photos of your trip around the world, or that special event that they missed? Why not email them straight from your iPhone?

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to email multiple photos from your iPhone:

1. Firstly tap on the ‘Photos’ application on your iPhone home screen

2. Then tap on the album you want to send some pictures from, or select the ‘Camera Roll’ album

3. In the top-right corner of the screen, tap on the Options button

4. Here you can Share, Copy, Print and even Delete multiple photos

5. Select up to 5 photos in the album and tap on ‘Share’

6. Choose ‘Email’ from the pop-up option, and the mail template will appear with the photos you selected

7. Enter the recipient’s email address, along with the subject and any personal message

8. Finally, tap ‘Send’ and your done!

By following the above steps, you will easily be able to send many photos to your friends and family in no time! So start taking some amazing photos and begin sharing them instantly from your iPhone.

Have you emailed many photos from your iPhone recently? Let me know if the above guide helped by leaving your comment in the box below:

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