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Apple Event – All you need to know

Apple Watch. iPad Pro. Apple TV. iPhone 6S. Yesterday, Apple announced its most product launches in one event. There’s always a buzz when Apple reveals its products and services to the world. It seems the world’s eyes focus on one of the largest companies in the world. It can be difficult to keep up with all the details so I have summarised the most important updates below…

Apple announced updates to four of its product lines. Below are the main details you need to know before you go shopping…

Apple Watch

  • Available in more colours such as rose gold and yellow gold aluminium
  • More colours of straps including a Product Red edition where a share of the proceeds go to charity
  • Hermès have teamed up with Apple to create 3 new beautiful straps to make your watch a designer fashion accessory
  • watchOS 2 will be available on September 16th – A software update which adds many new features such as changing your watch face and complications, Siri improvements, and playing videos on the watch

iPad Pro

  • A brand new iPad with a beautiful 12.9 inch screen which enables you to do more on the go
  • Slide Over, Split Screen and Picture in Picture features enable you make your working experience quicker and easier
  • A new four speaker system which creates great sound when watching movies
  • A new Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard to help you draw accurately and type on the go
  • Available in November with a starting price of $799

Apple TV

  • A brand new Apple TV experience with an enhanced Siri experience where you can ask it anything
  • Ask Siri to play certain movie genres, whilst watching a movie you can ask what a certain character said if you missed it and Siri will rewind so you don’t miss a thing, and many more commands
  • A new remote control with touch interface and microphone to make it easier to communicate with your Apple TV
  • Ability to download games and apps to make your TV more fun and interactive for the whole family
  • Launches in late October and starts at $149

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

  • Similar design to the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus but the inside and technologies have all been improved
  • 3D Touch – a feature where the harder the press on the screen more options are available to you such as taking a selfie, previewing email, and instantly playing music from your favourite artists
  • Live Photos – When taking a photo the iPhone 6S records 1.5 seconds either side of your photo to add a little video of the moment you took that photo. This can be used as a wallpaper which brings your photos to life.
  • Improved 12 megapixel camera with the option to shoot 4K video
  • Now comes in a Rose Gold colour in addition to the Gold, Silver and Space Grey options
  • iOS 9 will be included and also available to all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users on September 16th
  • iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus launch on September 25th. Pre orders begin September 12th.

Are you excited about Apple’s announcements? Which products are you going to queue up for? Let me know in the comments below…

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What is Apple Music?

Apple has always been passionate about music and helping the music industry grow. Since the launch of the iPod in 2001 and iTunes in 2003, Apple has realised that music is now in its DNA. Apple’s latest service is being launched on June 30th.

Here is a simple breakdown of what it is and how you will use it…

What is it?

Discover – Apple Music is essentially a music streaming service with unlimited access to listen to any song, album or playlist from all your favourite artists and genres. You have total control of what you listen to and how you organise your songs. By giving Apple a few ideas of which artists and flavours of music you enjoy, Apple Music will suggest new songs and albums from those genres and artists. As you will be streaming the music, it won’t take up any memory on your iPhone or iPad.

Connect – This is a service that allows you to interact with artists as they post new songs, lyrics, photos and videos. An easy way to keep up to date with your favourite artists lives and interacting with them. Connect gives you exclusive access into the their world and what inspires them to create new and inspiration music for you. You will be able to comment and like on their updates as well as share to Facebook and Twitter.

Radio – Beats 1 will be the world’s first 24/7 live radio station broadcasting from LA, New York and London. With brilliant resident DJ’s including Zane Lowe, this live radio station will be playing all your favourite songs and will include artist interviews all live. When you wake up or are going for a run, Beats 1 will always be on and live. The world’s first live 24/7 radio station.

How can I get it?

On June 30th, Apple will release iOS 8.4 for your iPhone and iPad. Simply update your device to the latest software and open the Music App. Once you open the Music app, you will see a brand new and revamped Music player which will prompt you to sign up to Apple Music. You will also be able to sign up via iTunes on your Mac or PC. Once signed up, you’ll be ready to go and explore all the songs and albums you didn’t even know about…

How much will it cost?

The cost of Apple Music will be FREE! Yes for the first 3 months Apple Music will be available to you at no cost. You will be able to use all the cool new features during this free trial period. After the 3 month free trial has finished, you can continue to have unlimited Apple Music access for an affordable £9.99 per month, or £14.99 per month for a family package of up to 6 people.

For more details on Apple Music visit:


Which song will you stream first on Apple Music? Let me know in the comments below…

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How to use AirPrint on your iPad

Print from your iPad to your wireless printer

Have you ever wished you could print a webpage from your iPad without the use of any wires? Well now you dont have to send yourself an email to print out an article or news story. Follow the below steps to get you on your way to printing from your iPad…

These few steps will guide you on how to print from your iPad to your wireless printer:

  • Firstly, make sure that your wireless printer is connected to your router via an Ethernet cable, which connects your printer to the network

  • Go to Safari and visit the web page that you want to print out

  • Tap on the Share icon which is located in the top left of the screen next to the URL address field

  • Tap on Print and select your printer from the list, and choose how many copies you would like print

  • Finally, tap on Print and your web page should be printing on your wireless printer

With these few simple steps you can easily print wirelessly from your iPad. What will you print first? Let me know in the comment box below….

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The New iPad: What you need to know

Apple unveil the new iPad

Apple have unveiled the third-generation iPad, and it comes with some great new features. With the ever successful iPad 2 outselling all other tablet devices, the New iPad will take the market by storm. Below are the key new features that make up the New iPad:

The new features are:

  • Retina Display – A High Definition screen that has more pixels than your HD TV! The pictures and videos that you see will look unbeilivable with this display

  • An A5X processor – A faster processor than the iPad 2, will four times the graphics peformance. This will make gaming and everyday tasks even faster

  • An improved camera – The camera will be the same as the iPhone 4S which will create simply amazing pictures

  • 1080p video recording – With HD recording, you will be able to create amazing sharp, smooth videos

  • 4G LTE  – In North America, 4G iPad’s will be available with lightning fast internet speeds when out and about

  • Same 10 hour battery life – Even with all these new features, the iPad maintains its amazing 10 hour batter life

Availability – March 16th

Prices – Currently same as iPad 2 prices (from $499 – subject to differ for international stores)

In my opinion, the New iPad will be a big selling tablet, and I think it will outsell the iPad 2. I feel the Retina (HD) display will be the key selling point, as I think this lacked in the iPad 2. Seeing images, viewing text and watching videos on a screen with more pixels than your HD TV is truly unbelievable. My verdict is that if your are looking to buy an iPad, then the New iPad should be a must buy!

What are your views on the New iPad? Leave your comments in the box below:

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How to Tweet using iOS 5

Tweeting using iOS 5

Like to tweet? Have an iPad or iPhone? Well now it is now easy to tweet pictures, videos, links and more, with the integration of Twitter into iOS 5. Apple recently released iOS 5, its updated operating system for iPhone and iPad, and Twitter integration is a big feature.

You no longer need to go to the Twitter app to tweet media to your followers. It’s now easy to tweet photos, videos, maps, YouTube videos, and even reply to your friends with Twitter integration. Below are a few tips on how to tweet using iOS 5:

  • Make sure you have iOS 5 installed on your iPhone or iPad
  • Go to the Settings on you iOS device, scroll down to Twitter, and sign in with your Twitter login details (which you only need to do once)
  • If you want to tweet a picture, first take a photo using the camera
  • Then open the picture and tap the options icon at the bottom of the screen
  • You will now see many options pop-up. Tap the Tweet option and you will now see a tweet sheet to compose your tweet along with your attached photo
  • Compose your tweet, and tap Send. Your tweet will be sent along with your photo. That’s how simple it is!
  • You can do the same for your videos, links in Safari, YouTube videos and Google Map links

With Twitter integration into iOS 5 it is now really simple to tweet your media. You no longer need to open the Twitter app and attach a photo or video. This is a great feature within iOS 5, and I am sure many users will find tweeting much more exciting.

Have you sent a tweet using iOS 5? Let me know what you think of iOS 5 by leaving your comments in the box below:

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What is Apple TV?

Apple TV – What’s it all about?

Apple and TV is normally not mentioned in the same sentence. However, this time last year, Steve Jobs, the then CEO of Apple Inc, announced Apple’s second generation TV device. But what is it all about? Below are the key features of Apple TV:

The key features of Apple TV are:

  • You can rent HD movies and TV shows, and watch them directly on your TV

  • Wirelessly stream videos and photos from your iPad or iPhone to your TV, via AirPlay

  • Also, when the next release of iPad/iPhone software (iOS 5) is released, you wil be able to mirror what you do on your iPad directly on your TV, wirelessly!

These are the key features of the second generation Apple TV. But the main question you maybe asking is, ‘Why should I get one?’. If you want to show off your media to your family on the big screen, or don’t want to but a DVD to watch a movie, then Apple TV is for you. Its easy to use; light and small; and inexpensive at £101 ($99).

Are you considering buying an Apple TV, or do you already own one? Let me know by leaving your comments in the box below:

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Xbox Kinect outsold iPhones and iPads

World record set for fastest selling device

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect has become the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history. The Kinect sensor has in-built cameras and microphones to recognise the person playing the game, and makes gaming much more personal. Confirmed by Guinness World Records, the games console device broke a new record, by selling an average of 133,333 devices per day from November 2010 to January 2011. This outsold both the iPhone and iPad in the same time-frame from when each were respectively launched.

This shows what a great revolution of gaming the Kinect sensor has created. Before its launch, I was skeptical to see how responsiveness the sensor was, but I was very impressed having used it many times. I feel this is the future of gaming, and I can predict that we will see many more camera-sensors entering the market for Microsoft’s competitors in the near future. Sony brought out the PlayStation Move, but I feel the rumoured Nintendo Wii 2, will incorporate a similar type of technology to the Kinect.

Below is a link to an article from the Telegraph:

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iPad 2: Why Apple just keeps on getting better

Apple’s tablet update is unveiled by Steve Jobs

Yesterday, Apple Inc. unveiled the second generation of their tablet computer. The iPad 2 was unveiled by Steve Jobs in a shock appearance. Steve Jobs was on medical leave with rumours that he was unwell, but is still Apple’s CEO. When he walked onto stage it came as a shock to us all. The iPad 2 has two cameras for FaceTime video calling, a thinner screen and users can purchase a Smart Cover which acts like a screen cover, but does much more. The excitement around the iPad 2 announcement was mainly over the cameras for FaceTime. This is because many of the competitors have already implemented cameras into their tablets.

The iPad 2 will blow competitors out of the water. The first iPad has already 90% market share in to the tablet market, and that all in less than 1 year. I feel the iPad 2 will improve on this because of the new features it includes. People have taken to the first iPad like a duck to water. We love it and the love affair with iPad 2 will continue. Also with the additions of iMovie and GarageBand for iPad, I feel lots of people will be rushing to the stores on March 25th (March 11th in the US). The iPad 2 comes in white and black to appeal to more consumers (see below). Apple’s iOS operating system was previewed at the event, and iOS 4.3 will feature improvements such as AirPlay enhancements and iTunes Home Sharing.

I feel the iPad is not just a product that will make competitors think, but will also leave them wondering how to improve their own tablets to even come close to the iPad 2. The BlackBerry PlayBook is released later this year, and comparing it to the iPad 2, I feel it looks bleak for the Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM). I feel the iPad 2 will be a brilliant product and I think we will see consumers rushing to the Apple stores to get one on release day!

Below is the link to the Apple website featuring the iPad 2:

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The Apple iPad enters a new revolution of technology

What could the iPad bring to us?

On Wednesday 27th January 2010, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc, revealed their tablet PC. The Apple iPad will enable users to interact with a new type of technology. The Apple iPad could seem like an e-reader, but it has much more to offer.

The iPad enters a new market because it is not a phone, not a laptop; it is kind of in the middle. It will offer the use of all iPhone apps, a new e-reader application (iBooks), iWork and much more. I feel the iPad will blow the market by storm and become a revelation to the world of technology. You will be able to live a personal hands-on experience that you never have done so before.  

I feel the Apple iPad will be the must have gadget of the new decade, and will be difficult for competitors to top Apple’s tablet PC.

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Below is a link to the Apple iPad website, where you can see videos that were showcased at the Apple event:


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