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Are We Going Into A Tech Bubble?

With over-valuing startups and lots of money being thrown around in the technology sector, many may fear that we are close to a tech bubble that could burst. Excitement around startups and new technologies have made decisions easier for venture capitalists and investors to put their money into future technology.

Can we really say we are in tech bubble? The signs are showing that if we are then it is very different to the last one in 2000. With the success of Instagram which Facebook bought for $1biilion, it shows that some areas of the tech world are succeeding and are not showing signs of slowing down. With Instagram and Facebook now generating healthy revenues, the view of over-inflating are far from the reality. Snapchat, the photo sharing application which reportedly turned down a $3billion offer from Facebook, is growing well and its value would be several times higher today. These are some signs that the technology sector isn’t being over-inflated but showing genuine signs of growth.

On the other hand there have been some examples where some acquisitions have had a negative impact to the industry. Google paid $12.5billion for Motorola which then saw it be sold to Lenova for a much lower value ($3billion). Anticipating growth and competing with tech giants doesn’t also work through acquisitions. Back in 2011, Rupert Murdoch sold the popular social network, MySpace for $35million, only 6% of what News Corp had initially purchased it for. These examples show signs that gambling of short-term success may not get you far.

Overall, my verdict would be that if we are in a tech bubble and in a world of over-inflating acquisitions, then it is very different to the tech bubble which burst in 2000. Some areas of the industry are showing real optimism, whereas other areas are being gambled upon with no realistic long-term growth.

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How to change my iPhone search engine

Google, Bing or Yahoo! Which will you choose….

Have you ever decided to change your iPhone’s default search engine? You can choose between Google (obviously), Bing and Yahoo! You may have accidentally changed your search engine and just want to get it back to Google. Follow the below steps to get you on your way….

Follow these simple steps to change your iPhone default search engine:

  • Firstly go to the Settings app

  • Then scroll down to Safari

  • The first option will read ‘Search Engine’

  • Tap on this and you can select your desired search engine from Google, Bing or Yahoo!

  • Now when you go to search in Safari, you should see your desired search engine box in the top right corner

With these simple steps you can change your search engine on your iPhone. Have you ever used Bing or Yahoo!, or is Google your thing? Let me know in the box below…

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Google Maps for iPhone: My Review

Apple approve Google Maps for iPhone

Hurrah! Google has released its Maps application for the iPhone! After very bad reviews for Apple’s Maps application (which shipped with iOS 6 in September 2012) iPhone users around the globe demanded a Google Maps app. With many errors on the Apple Maps application, users were annoyed at Apple with incorrect locations and odd-looking satellite views. Google has come to the rescue and released its iPhone application. Check out the best bits below:

Key features of the Google Maps iPhone app:

  • Voice turn-by-turn navigation to guide you to your destination

  • Directions by car, public transport or even walking

  • Streetview to see the roads as if you were there

  • Tap the bottom right of the screen and see options to view Traffic, Public transit and Satellite views

  • The experience is more of an Android feel, but is a smooth, slick interface

All iPhone users will be extremely happy with this news. You can finally ditch the Apple Maps and use Google Maps to guide you to your destination. It is optimized for the large iPhone 5 screen and Google has promised an iPad app is coming soon!

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading now from the App Store…. Google Maps for iPhone

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Facebook launch Skype video chat

Skype and Facebook team up to create video calling

Facebook have announced that they are bringing video chat to the social network giant, in conjunction with Skype. All of Facebook’s 750 million users will not only be able to chat with their friends, but now be able to see them wherever they are in the world. This is the main feature Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, announced yesterday along with a redesigned chat window and creating group chats.

The key features of Facebook’s video chat are:

  • On your friend’s profile page, you will now see an option to call your friend

  • If your friend is not online, or doesn’t answer, you can leave a video message for them

  • Just like Skype video chats, your video doesn’t begin until both have accepted the call

These are some of the key features of the Facebook Skype video chat. I feel this will be a massive success as it combines a great service such as Skype with the biggest social network on the web. With over 750 million users, I feel people will be using it all the time and loving it. However, this maybe bad news for Google+. A feature within Google+ called ‘Hangouts’ is a video chat service that enables users to video call their friends on Google+. I feel this service will suffer because Facebook already have many users and combing it with Skype will surely blow Google+’s Hangouts out of the water.

Below is the official ‘Facebook Video Chat’ video:

Want to find out more? Click on the below link to get started:

Facebook Video Calling

Will you be using Facebook’s Video Calling service? Let me know by leaving your comment in the box below:

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Google+ : What’s it all about?

Google unveil new Social Network

Google have unveiled their new social network called ‘Google+’, to begin a battle with Facebook. Google aim to compete with the most used social network, Facebook, by introducing a new way to share and communicate with your friends.

What is it?

There are 6 key features to Google+

1. The “+1” Button

The ‘+1’ feature is similar to the ‘Like’ button on Facebook. Whenever you see a post, web result, photo or video, you click the ‘+1’ button to share it with your friends. When you click on the ‘+1’ button, Google describes it as ‘this is pretty cool’, or ‘you should check this out’. This feature will be available on many more websites at launch, so you click the ‘+1’ button on the website you are using.

2. Circles

Circles is creating groups of people you want to share certain things with. You can create ‘Circles’ and share things with certain groups of friends only. It is Google’s way of creating groups of people you know.

3. Sparks

Sparks is a feature which is best described as setting an alert for keywords that you search for or are interested in. Google+ sends you alerts with media related to your interests. You can then share these with your friends.

4. Hangouts

Hangouts is Google’s way of creating video-calling with your friends. Face-to-face calling with your friends enables you to see many of your friends at the same time. You can make formal video conferences or just a social group video chat.

5. Instant Upload

Using your mobile, you can instantly upload pictures to your Google+ profile to share with your friends. Even whilst recording a video, you can take pictures to share.

6. Huddle

Huddle is a feature otherwise known as group chat. You can chat with a Circle of your friends all at the same time. This has currently been shown as a mobile feature, but could be available through the Google+ website at launch.

When will it be available?

No official date has been announced on the release of Google+, but expect it to be out in the near future. It is currently being tested by a select few.

Will it succeed?

I feel that Google+ will not be as successful as Facebook, but I think it be a very good way to network with other Google+ users. The Circles feature will be a key feature in Google+ succeeding. In my opinion, creating a group of people that you can interact with, will be the linchpin into how people will use Google+. Also the “+1” feature of showing that you liked a certain post, picture or video, will be used widely across the web in direct competition to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button. Overall, I feel Google+ will take time to be used by many users, but in time I think it will be a success.

Below is The Google+ Project video introducing some of the key features:

Find out more about Google+ by clicking on the link below:

The Google+ Project

Have an opinion on Google’s cool new social network? Leave your comment in the box below:

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Facebook & Google want Twitter

Facebook and Google: “Twitter, we want you”

Rumours have been emerging over the past 24 hours, that tech giants Google and Facebook want to buy the social media phenomenon, Twitter. Twitter is a live social media company which runs in real-time and has an idea of ‘following’ people to keep update. Many celebrities are on Twitter including Stephen Fry, Victoria Beckham and many more. Twitter is growing and it is not a surprise that tech giants Google and Facebook are rumoured to want to buy it.

At the moment these are just rumours but if this story develops it could be one of the biggest deals in technology history. I think if Google were to buy Twitter, it would use the live results of its search engine and combine it with Twitter’s real-time system. This could change how Google operates and maybe even monopolise internet searching. This would be very interesting.

If Facebook were to buy Twitter, I think it would show how powerful social media is. It will create a tech giant of social media and combine keeping in touch with real-time results. My gut feeling is that it won’t happen now, but if either tech giant completes a takeover, it would change the technology world forever. It would revolutionise the technology world and how people use technology in all walks of their lives. 

Below is the link to an interesting article from The Telegraph on this story:

Why do Google and Facebook both want to buy Twitter?

Have an opinion on this story? Leave your comment in the box below:

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Google attempts to compete with Windows

Google Chrome OS challenges to battle Windows and Mac OS

Google, the technology giant, last week announced that it will be creating a new Operating System (OS) in an attempt to compete with Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Apple’s Mac OS X. Google Chrome OS will run on new laptops with Acer and Samsung being named as the first manufacturers to feature the new operating system. The notebook used for testing purposing has been named as the ‘CR-48’. Google Chrome already has a web browser which has an ever increasing usage, and is competing well with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and others.

I feel that Google is attempting to compete within a market which has two strong competitors in Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Apple’s Mac OS X. Initially I feel that Google Chrome OS wont be an instant hit. Although the OS is attempting to bring a new generation to cloud computing, I feel it is too soon to be taking everything to the cloud, especially applications used daily. Therefore I feel the Google Chrome OS will not take off initially, but has some interesting features which give us a glimpse of the future.

Below is a link to the PC Mag article:

Google Chrome OS Notebook: Likes, Dislikes and the In-Betweens

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