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Technology is a lifeline for Syrian refugees

Your smartphone may be a necessity. To the Syrian refugees, they are a lifeline.

The Syrian migrants that are fleeing their homeland for a better and safer life in Europe are facing a difficult task to find security and comfort for their families. One place where they have assistance is with the use of technology. The refugees have been using mapping, social media and messaging applications to aid their journey out of Syria through to safer European countries. The migrants use their smartphones as a lifeline to help them on their travels and even find suitable accommodation.

Keeping in Touch

The refugees have been using free messaging tools such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber to keep in touch with their families back home. The migrants have been contacting their loved ones to tell them that they are safe and informing them of their next destination. Social media and messaging applications are a vital source for the refugees to communicate with each other, but more importantly to let their families back home know that they are safe.

Getting around

Mapping services such as Google Maps are constantly used by the refugees to help them navigate. The migrants get all their directions from these services to help them reach safer countries such as Austria, Hungary and Germany and move further away from the troubles in Syria. Their smartphones are vital for them to travel through these countries.

Finding Accommodation

Germany has created a service called Refugees Welcome, which is an ‘AirBnB’ type service to help refugees find accommodation within the country. AirBnB is commonly used to help travellers find great accommodation all around the world. Refugees Welcome is a great platform which allows residents to list spare rooms within the country and allows refugees to find suitable accommodation for themselves.

Technology is playing a big part in helping the Syrian refugees and migrants communicate, navigate and finding suitable accommodation whilst escaping the troubles in their native country. Smartphones are not a luxury, they are a lifeline…

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How to use Google Maps using Siri

Tell Siri where you want to go using Google Maps

Ever wanted to use Siri to get directions but always get the route via the Apple’s Maps app? Well fear not! Now you can use the new Google Maps app for iPhone and use Siri to guide you. Follow the below steps to get you on your way…

By using this guide you should be able to use Google Maps with Siri:

1. Firstly make sure you are on iOS 6 and have Google Maps for iPhone downloaded on your device. Heres the link Google Maps for iPhone

2. Next, hold down the home button and ask Siri a simple direction, but ensure to add the words ‘VIA TRANSIT’ after your instruction. E.g. ‘Get me directions to Buckingham Palace VIA TRANSIT.’

3. Siri will calculate your instructions and open Apple Maps, but then open a new window where you can select ‘ROUTE’ next to Google Maps.

4. Tap on ‘ROUTE’ and this will open your directions in the Google Maps for iPhone app.

And thats all you have to do! Its as easy as adding two words to your instruction and you can use Google Maps with Siri!

Did this work for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below…

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Google Maps for iPhone: My Review

Apple approve Google Maps for iPhone

Hurrah! Google has released its Maps application for the iPhone! After very bad reviews for Apple’s Maps application (which shipped with iOS 6 in September 2012) iPhone users around the globe demanded a Google Maps app. With many errors on the Apple Maps application, users were annoyed at Apple with incorrect locations and odd-looking satellite views. Google has come to the rescue and released its iPhone application. Check out the best bits below:

Key features of the Google Maps iPhone app:

  • Voice turn-by-turn navigation to guide you to your destination

  • Directions by car, public transport or even walking

  • Streetview to see the roads as if you were there

  • Tap the bottom right of the screen and see options to view Traffic, Public transit and Satellite views

  • The experience is more of an Android feel, but is a smooth, slick interface

All iPhone users will be extremely happy with this news. You can finally ditch the Apple Maps and use Google Maps to guide you to your destination. It is optimized for the large iPhone 5 screen and Google has promised an iPad app is coming soon!

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading now from the App Store…. Google Maps for iPhone

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