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5 Travel Gadgets For Your Summer Holiday

Summer is finally here. Schools have finished. The sun’s out. That means it’s time to go on holiday. When you’re packing your shorts, sun cream and sunglasses, don’t forget your tech essentials. Here are my 5 must-have gadgets to take with you…

Bluetooth SpeakerBowers and Wilkins T7 – £299.95

Portable bluetooth speakers are a must when you’re on holiday. Connecting your smartphone to the Bowers & Wilkins T7 speakers will ensure you listen to clear, sharp sound when you play your music in the hotel room. B&W are known for great sound and you’ll be able to listen for at least 18 hours of playback without losing battery life. Pack these speakers to get the party started before you hit the town…

USB Battery PackAnker 2nd Gen Astro – £18.99

Battery packs are the second most important essentials after free WiFi! Nobody wants to run out of juice! The Anker 2nd Gen Astro battery pack is a simple USB battery pack to super charge your smartphone or tablet. Compatible with all smartphones and tablets such as iPhone and Samsung devices. Don’t forget your battery pack for a quick charge to ensure you can take your holiday pictures on the go…

Selfie StickLooq DQ – £29.99

The selfie stick is now becoming a very popular travel accessory. Taking pictures where the whole group can all be in the shot has made the selfie stick an essential gadget. The Looq DQ is a simple selfie stick which doesn’t require WiFi or Bluetooth. Simply mount your smartphone onto the end of the stick and plug in the lead to your headphone jack. You’re ready to get snapping…

E-Book Reader Kindle Paperwhite – £109.99

Taking all your books to read on the beach is a big no-no! Take the brilliant Kindle Paperwhite instead and download all your books onto your Kindle. With an endless number of books to choose from, you’ll never get bored whilst reading your favourite book by pool. With it weighing a light 205g you won’t even notice it in your luggage…

Activity TrackerFitbit Flex – £79.99

Tracking how many steps you’ve taken, calories burned or distance travelled has never been simpler. The Fitbit Flex is a brilliantly simple device which will keep you informed on your fitness whilst you’re taking a trek into the mountains or running to catch the bus to the nightclub. The Fitbit Flex syncs with your smartphone through an app where you can see all your fitness stats. Get fit whilst you’re away so you feel less guilty about eating that chocolate cake…

Ready to go on holiday now? Let me know your thoughts on your favourite travel essentials in the comments below…

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How to save your iPhone battery life

Tips on how to get the most out of your iPhone battery

The Apple iPhone is a fantastic smartphone and is regarded as one of the best devices to use. However, the biggest criticism people have about it, is that the battery life is quite poor. As many iPhone users are constantly using their devices, the power begins to drain and the next time you look at the battery percentage, it’s on its last legs.

Below are 4 tips on how to save your iPhone battery power:

1. Close Unnecessary Apps – With the iPhone now capable of multi-tasking, when you open an application, it remains open in the backgroud. This reduces your battery life significantly. To close these unused apps:

  • Firstly double tap the home button and you will see the apps you have most recently used pop up

  • Then, hold down on any one of these apps until they begin to wiggle

  • Tap the red close icon on all of the apps that are open and they should disappear

This will close all of your open applications that were running in the background and this should significantly improve your iPhone battery life.

2. Reduce watching many videos – Constantly watching videos on YouTube or other video sharing apps significantly reduces your battery life. The video along with the sound exerts a lot of power out of your battery, leaving you will very little power left to make an urgent phone call.

3. Adjust the brightness – Changing the brightness on your iPhone display will help save its power. The brightness is often set too high resulting in a drained battery. To reduce the iPhone’s brightness:

  • Open up ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Brightness’

  • Scroll the brightness scroll bar to the left to reduce the brightness of the screen

  • Also make sure the ‘Auto-Brightness’ is on – This will automatically reduce the brightness in well lit areas

4. Get a portable battery charger – If you need to top up your battery on the go or just want it full of power, purchase a portable battery charger. Below are some suggestions:

All the above tips will ensure that your iPhone battery doesn’t run out of power. The next time you need to make an urgent phone call, FaceTime your friend in America, or send an important email; you can be sure that your iPhone has plently of life in it.

Did any of the above tips work for you? Let me know by leaving your comment in the box below:

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