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iPhone App Review – Wedmate

Wedding planning can be a difficult time for a newly engaged couple. Lots of things to think about such as venues, outfits, catering, guest lists and so much more. You want the day to go as you planned and for it to run as smoothly as possible. Wedmate, a new iPhone app has just launched which will help you every step of the way to ensure your wedding day goes as you want it. The app takes away your wedding stresses and enables you to get the help of your friends and family to ensure your special day is the wedding of your dreams…

Here’s is how Wedmate can help you plan your wedding:

Schedule your events

Wedmate enables you to create events for all the dates for your wedding celebrations. Starting from your stag/hen parties all the way up to the big day itself. You can invite guests and participants to the specific events and they will receive an itinerary for each specific event. This is a great feature which makes sure everybody involved knows exactly what is happening at each event.


Weddings can be very expensive so keeping to a budget can be very difficult and knowing how much you spent on everything. Wedmate enables you to set budgets on all the things you buy or book so you can keep a track on how much you have spent, and if you have enough money left to go all out on the reception party.

Group Chats

Keeping everybody informed about wedding ideas can be difficult. Wedmate helps you keep all your chats in place so nobody is left out of the loop. Wedmate asks for your participants mobile numbers and you’re ready to get chatting about all your wedding ideas.

Wedding Gifts

Receiving gifts on your wedding day are always special, but you don’t want to receive the same gift twice. Wedmate helps you create your wedding gift list where you can specify what you would like. The guest is given a link of where to purchase that gift, and once it is purchased it is taken off the list so you don’t receive duplicate gifts.

On the day

Your wedding day is here and everything has (hopefully!) gone to plan as you had wished. Your guests are having a great time and have taken lots of pictures of the beautiful newlyweds. Your guests can upload their photos onto the app so that you can keep these memories as part of your wedding day. Priceless moments that are with you forever…

Wedmate is a great app that will help you plan from the start all the way through to the wedding day itself. It is like your personal wedding planner which keeps all your events, ideas and conversations in one place.

Click on the following link and download the Wedmate app from the App Store now – Wedmate

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3 tips for creating a great App

There seems to be thousands of mobile applications across multiple platforms. From apps that change the way you live to simple games that help you pass the time on your daily commute…

Here are 3 top tips on creating your own app…

1. Design is everything

When thinking about an idea for an app you have to think about how it will look and feel for the user. The design and user interface will need to be very simple and engaging to ensure your users come back for more. Take more time on your design than its features. Users want a simple feel to their experience.

2. Do one thing well

Whether you want to create a game or a simple utility app, ensure you do it well and go all out. Whatever you decide to create make sure you do it well. Don’t try and complicate things by trying too many things in the app. Simplicity is key and doing that one thing well will make for a killer app.

3. Persistence is key

Don’t give up with your idea. Keep going and don’t stop. Standing still is a big no-no in the app world. You need to keep improving your app with updates. Look for the bugs and fix them. Continuously learn about your app and improve it regularly. This will help make sure your app is on top and can’t be faulted by your loyal users. Don’t give up and keep going…

To make sure people keep coming back your app and tell their friends, follow these tips and you’ll have a killer app..

What’s your favourite app that you can’t go without? Let me know in the comments below…

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My Top 5 Apple Watch Apps

5 Apple Watch Apps you must download right now…

1. Shazam

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 17.19.22

Shazam is a great app that lets you know which song is playing just by your device listening to it. You can even use Siri on your iPhone to ask what song is playing. This great app for the Apple Watch has features that show you the lyrics in time with the music and also lets you buy it from the iTunes Store. When you tap on Buy you only need to swipe up from the lock screen on your iPhone to go straight to the iTunes Store.

App Store Direct Link: https://appsto.re/gb/ZEk_q.i

2. Uber

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 17.26.15

Uber is a great app that lets you request taxis with the touch of a button on your iPhone. That experience has become even simpler on your Apple Watch. Open the Apple Watch app and Uber will tell you how long you have to wait for your nearest Uber taxi. With a simple tap you can request the Uber and even track where it is. A must have app for all Uber commuters.

App Store Direct Link: https://appsto.re/gb/4hz-v.i

3. Dark Sky

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 17.30.37

Dark Sky is a great weather app that notifies you when it is going to rain. It is very accurate and informs you if you need an umbrella for the next hour. A detailed weather forecast comes to the Apple Watch by giving you a simple glance on the likelihood of heavy precipitation in the area. A brilliant iPhone app that has made even simpler on your Apple Watch.

App Store Direct Link: https://appsto.re/gb/nhD1E.i

4. Nike+ Running

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 17.35.16

For those of you unfamiliar with the Nike+ Running iPhone app, it is a very simple app that helps track your outdoor runs. Key features include map tracking, your distance goals, and competing with your friends. This experience has come to the Apple Watch with a simple glance on how you’re progressing with your run, to giving you constant updates on your pace and timing.

App Store Direct Link: https://appsto.re/gb/1Zohx.i


Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 17.45.21

ASOS is a great fashion platform to buy your latest clothes and all things fashion. The iPhone app makes it easy for users to search and refine their searches until they know exactly what they want to by from ASOS. The Apple Watch app helps you search for an item and save it for later. It will notify you when that item is back in stock or has gone on sale. Also using the Handoff feature you can swipe up on your iPhone lock screen to get straight to that item on your iPhone.

App Store Direct Link: https://appsto.re/gb/4jQsB.i

Have any Apple Watch apps that you can’t go without? Let me know in the comments below…

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My Top 5 iPhone Apps

The 5 must-have iPhone Apps

Have you just bought a new iPhone? Or do you just need some help on which apps to download? Fear not, I have put together my Top 5 Apps to download from the App Store…..

My Top 5 iPhone Apps

  • Google Maps – After the failings of Apple Maps, Google released its own Maps application. Its a must download to get you from A to B, and has all the correct places where they should be…
  • WhatsApp – The easiest way to instant message a friend, no matter which smartphone they are using….

  • BBC Sport – A great sports news app to find out all the goings on the world of sport. A cool, slick app….

  • Facebook Messenger – Facebook’s Messenger app lets you just chat with your Facebook friends, without getting distracted by the news feed….

  • YouTube – Finally, the YouTube app for iPhone is the easiest way to watch videos on your iPhone….

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading these apps now! What is your favourite iPhone App? Let me know in the box below….

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Apple reaches 100,000 apps and 2 billion downloads

The Apple iPhone just keeps getting better

I have an Apple iPhone and recently they announced that they have 100,000 apps on their App Store. This just shows that their is 100,000 reasons why I have an iPhone. I cannot live without my iPhone and now that their are more apps on the App Store shows that I cannot go for another phone. Also with 2 billion downloads shows that it is dominating the phone application market. I feel that Apple will become the new household name in the future rather that Microsoft.

Below is the link to the CNET article:


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