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Are We Going Into A Tech Bubble?

With over-valuing startups and lots of money being thrown around in the technology sector, many may fear that we are close to a tech bubble that could burst. Excitement around startups and new technologies have made decisions easier for venture capitalists and investors to put their money into future technology.

Can we really say we are in tech bubble? The signs are showing that if we are then it is very different to the last one in 2000. With the success of Instagram which Facebook bought for $1biilion, it shows that some areas of the tech world are succeeding and are not showing signs of slowing down. With Instagram and Facebook now generating healthy revenues, the view of over-inflating are far from the reality. Snapchat, the photo sharing application which reportedly turned down a $3billion offer from Facebook, is growing well and its value would be several times higher today. These are some signs that the technology sector isn’t being over-inflated but showing genuine signs of growth.

On the other hand there have been some examples where some acquisitions have had a negative impact to the industry. Google paid $12.5billion for Motorola which then saw it be sold to Lenova for a much lower value ($3billion). Anticipating growth and competing with tech giants doesn’t also work through acquisitions. Back in 2011, Rupert Murdoch sold the popular social network, MySpace for $35million, only 6% of what News Corp had initially purchased it for. These examples show signs that gambling of short-term success may not get you far.

Overall, my verdict would be that if we are in a tech bubble and in a world of over-inflating acquisitions, then it is very different to the tech bubble which burst in 2000. Some areas of the industry are showing real optimism, whereas other areas are being gambled upon with no realistic long-term growth.

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Technology is a lifeline for Syrian refugees

Your smartphone may be a necessity. To the Syrian refugees, they are a lifeline.

The Syrian migrants that are fleeing their homeland for a better and safer life in Europe are facing a difficult task to find security and comfort for their families. One place where they have assistance is with the use of technology. The refugees have been using mapping, social media and messaging applications to aid their journey out of Syria through to safer European countries. The migrants use their smartphones as a lifeline to help them on their travels and even find suitable accommodation.

Keeping in Touch

The refugees have been using free messaging tools such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber to keep in touch with their families back home. The migrants have been contacting their loved ones to tell them that they are safe and informing them of their next destination. Social media and messaging applications are a vital source for the refugees to communicate with each other, but more importantly to let their families back home know that they are safe.

Getting around

Mapping services such as Google Maps are constantly used by the refugees to help them navigate. The migrants get all their directions from these services to help them reach safer countries such as Austria, Hungary and Germany and move further away from the troubles in Syria. Their smartphones are vital for them to travel through these countries.

Finding Accommodation

Germany has created a service called Refugees Welcome, which is an ‘AirBnB’ type service to help refugees find accommodation within the country. AirBnB is commonly used to help travellers find great accommodation all around the world. Refugees Welcome is a great platform which allows residents to list spare rooms within the country and allows refugees to find suitable accommodation for themselves.

Technology is playing a big part in helping the Syrian refugees and migrants communicate, navigate and finding suitable accommodation whilst escaping the troubles in their native country. Smartphones are not a luxury, they are a lifeline…

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Top 5 Fastest Growing Tech Cities

Technology is all around us and all over the world now. Starting up a new tech business can all depend on where you are located. Whilst Silicon Valley maybe the tech hub of the world, it’s not where you will see the fastest growth. Apple, Google and Facebook maybe based in the west coast of the US, but you may be surprised where you can gain the fastest growth for your tech startup…

As reported by Compass, the fastest growing tech cities for startups are:

1 – Berlin

Germany’s capital has seen a very fast growth to become the world’s fastest growing city in terms of technology startups. With a large influx of investors from venture capital and private equity funds, Berlin has grown to become the best city in the world  to start your tech business.

2 – Bangalore

Bangalore joins Berlin as one the top cities in the world to grow in term its technology and infrastructure. India has been a great country to outsource and grow the IT branch of any business. Bangalore has many tech companies that are based there and is the city with the highest number of engineering graduates in India.

3 – Sao Paulo

Brazil’s tech hub city of Sao Paulo is the fastest growing city in Latin America for tech startups. With the only South American city in the top 5, Sao Paulo has become a great place to begin a tech company. Sao Paulo is preferred to Rio De Janeiro because it is the financial epicentre of Brazil.

4 – London

London is the fourth fastest growing technology city in the world. Berlin took the number 1 spot from London but the UK has seen very fast growth for startups recently. Most tech companies are based in the Shoreditch area of London and range from app developers to e-commerce startups.

5 – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the third fastest growing tech hub in Europe behind Berlin and London. With a range of business startups in the smart energy, software and digital health industries, Amsterdam is a great place to begin your tech business. Netflix and Uber have recently moved their headquarters to Amsterdam which shows that there are many advantages of starting up your company in Amsterdam.

Which city will you begin your tech startup in? Let me know in the comments below…

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5 Tech Companies To Look Out For in 2015

Apple. Facebook. Google. Amazon. They were all tech startups once. Recently there has been a new wave of tech firms that will one day be household names to us all. Tech City UK are an organisation which encourage new tech firms to startup in the UK. The Future Fifty list consists of the top 50 firms to look out for this year. Here’s my top 5… 

Lyst is a online fashion platform which brings together all your favourite fashion brands and retailers and curates them onto one website. Your one place to visit to find all your latest clothing. Lyst has great features such as being notified of when your item is back in stock, and even when your saved items have reduced in price. A great fashion platform for all your shopping needs…


Hailo is an online taxi service where you can use your smartphone to request a licensed taxi to take you to your destination. Similar to Uber this app enables you to quickly get a taxi with a few simples taps on your phone. So if you’re unsure about the safety of Uber, why not give Hailo a ride…


HouseTrip is a website that offers you thousands of holiday homes to rent and use rather than the boring hotel room. Similar to Airbnb, HouseTrip offers you a holiday room on any location around the globe where you can choose which amenities that you need and for any time period during the year. When you’re planning your next getaway, give HouseTrip a try…


PhotoBox is the one place to go to get anything personalised with your personal pictures. Creating the perfect canvas to a personalised business card, PhotoBox is a simple service to use to create the perfect personalised gifts. A very simple app that you’ll soon learn to love…


Shazam is a simple app that makes it easy for you to find out what song is playing around you. With a simple tap on the smartphone app, Shazam will discover what song is playing around you by listening and finding the song and lyrics from its infinite database of music. If you haven’t downloaded Shazam already this is a must-have app on your smartphone. It’s time to know exactly what song that’s playing around you…

Which tech startup are you looking forward to explore? Let me know on the comments below…

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3 tips for creating a great App

There seems to be thousands of mobile applications across multiple platforms. From apps that change the way you live to simple games that help you pass the time on your daily commute…

Here are 3 top tips on creating your own app…

1. Design is everything

When thinking about an idea for an app you have to think about how it will look and feel for the user. The design and user interface will need to be very simple and engaging to ensure your users come back for more. Take more time on your design than its features. Users want a simple feel to their experience.

2. Do one thing well

Whether you want to create a game or a simple utility app, ensure you do it well and go all out. Whatever you decide to create make sure you do it well. Don’t try and complicate things by trying too many things in the app. Simplicity is key and doing that one thing well will make for a killer app.

3. Persistence is key

Don’t give up with your idea. Keep going and don’t stop. Standing still is a big no-no in the app world. You need to keep improving your app with updates. Look for the bugs and fix them. Continuously learn about your app and improve it regularly. This will help make sure your app is on top and can’t be faulted by your loyal users. Don’t give up and keep going…

To make sure people keep coming back your app and tell their friends, follow these tips and you’ll have a killer app..

What’s your favourite app that you can’t go without? Let me know in the comments below…

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3 Tech trends to boom in 2015

Technology always been one step ahead of the game. It’s what drives us forward in life by making life’s challenges easier and simpler. This year and beyond will see technology move even further forward, making the 90’s seem generations away.

Here are my top 3 trends in technology for this year and beyond….


Paying with your credit card at a point of sale or online is beginning to become a thing of the past. There are many online payment services but we will begin to see payments using many other devices and services. There have recently been services such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Using services like these with your smartphone or smart watch will soon be the norm.

With a recent technology called NFC (Near Field Communication) which is used in London’s Oyster travelcard, this technology is now moving to smartphones. Most people have a smartphone so you will be soon be making your daily online and in store purchases with your favourite smartphone.

Smart home

The home is beginning to evolve from a simple place to relax and enjoy to being a tech hub of the future. Using anything electrical in your home has usually been initiated with your physical command of pressing a button or the on/off switch. With services such as Apple’s HomeKit, you will be able to use all your home’s electrical essentials with a simple tap on your smartphone.

Whether you are at out for the evening or even travelling abroad, tasks such as turning on the heating and opening the garage door will be as easy as tapping your smartphone. These day to day tasks have been simplified to make your lives easier and stress-free. Watch out! This will be a trend that will accelerate in the coming months for sure…


What is a drone? A drone can be simply described as an electronic flying device that can be used for many different uses. Parrot’s AR Drone which was released a few years ago was initially a game play device that enables you to use your smartphone to fly the drone as part of an interactive game. We are now seeing drones being used in many different ways.

Companies such as Amazon and Facebook have been testing drones on how to improve and deliver services to people much faster. Amazon will be using drones to make quicker deliveries to homes, and Facebook hopes to deliver internet services to areas of the world where the web isn’t easily accessible. This is also a much cheaper and efficient way of providing these services to its users. This trend is for sure to take off, so keep looking up and see if you can spot a flying drone in the near future…

Any other tech trends you think will take off this year and beyond? Let me know in the comments below…

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iPhone 5c & iPhone 5s

Which iPhone are you?

Apple unveiled 2 (yes 2!) new iPhones to the world on Tuesday. This is the first time Apple showcased 2 iPhones in the same year! Both may be very similar but are still very different…

iPhone 5c

– Very similar to the iPhone 5
– Plastic outer body
– Comes in 5 colours (White, Pink, Yellow, Blue & Green)
– Much cheaper than the iPhone 5
– Still has all the features of iOS 7


iPhone 5s

– Similar design to the iPhone 5
– Touch ID Fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone
– Improved camera with slow motion feature
– Much faster processor to make your tasks speedier than ever
– Comes in Gold, Silver and Space Grey


Both are released on Friday 20th September.

Go get yours….

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My Top 5 iPhone Apps

The 5 must-have iPhone Apps

Have you just bought a new iPhone? Or do you just need some help on which apps to download? Fear not, I have put together my Top 5 Apps to download from the App Store…..

My Top 5 iPhone Apps

  • Google Maps – After the failings of Apple Maps, Google released its own Maps application. Its a must download to get you from A to B, and has all the correct places where they should be…
  • WhatsApp – The easiest way to instant message a friend, no matter which smartphone they are using….

  • BBC Sport – A great sports news app to find out all the goings on the world of sport. A cool, slick app….

  • Facebook Messenger – Facebook’s Messenger app lets you just chat with your Facebook friends, without getting distracted by the news feed….

  • YouTube – Finally, the YouTube app for iPhone is the easiest way to watch videos on your iPhone….

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading these apps now! What is your favourite iPhone App? Let me know in the box below….

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How to change my iPhone search engine

Google, Bing or Yahoo! Which will you choose….

Have you ever decided to change your iPhone’s default search engine? You can choose between Google (obviously), Bing and Yahoo! You may have accidentally changed your search engine and just want to get it back to Google. Follow the below steps to get you on your way….

Follow these simple steps to change your iPhone default search engine:

  • Firstly go to the Settings app

  • Then scroll down to Safari

  • The first option will read ‘Search Engine’

  • Tap on this and you can select your desired search engine from Google, Bing or Yahoo!

  • Now when you go to search in Safari, you should see your desired search engine box in the top right corner

With these simple steps you can change your search engine on your iPhone. Have you ever used Bing or Yahoo!, or is Google your thing? Let me know in the box below…

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How to use AirPrint on your iPad

Print from your iPad to your wireless printer

Have you ever wished you could print a webpage from your iPad without the use of any wires? Well now you dont have to send yourself an email to print out an article or news story. Follow the below steps to get you on your way to printing from your iPad…

These few steps will guide you on how to print from your iPad to your wireless printer:

  • Firstly, make sure that your wireless printer is connected to your router via an Ethernet cable, which connects your printer to the network

  • Go to Safari and visit the web page that you want to print out

  • Tap on the Share icon which is located in the top left of the screen next to the URL address field

  • Tap on Print and select your printer from the list, and choose how many copies you would like print

  • Finally, tap on Print and your web page should be printing on your wireless printer

With these few simple steps you can easily print wirelessly from your iPad. What will you print first? Let me know in the comment box below….

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