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Indian Premier League comes to ITV

Cricket tournament becomes free viewing

On Thursday 4th March 2010, the commissioner and chairman on the Indian Premier League, Lalit Modi, announced that ITV will be broadcasting the tournament. This means cricket will be available on terrestrial television. ITV4 will broadcast 59 live matches across March and April. As previous broadcaster Setanta Sports broadcasted the tournament in 2008 and 2009, this year’s tournament was up for grabs in the UK.


This is great news for cricket and television. This deal will mean cricket reach more viewers that before. Currently, Sky broadcast all national and international cricket matches. Now that ITV has clinched this deal, I feel it will be a big hit. Earlier this year it was also announced that YouTube would be broadcasting all matches live. With even more broadcasting of cricket available I feel cricket will reach a wider audience and be a success.

Below is the link to The Guardian article:

ITV buys IPL cricket rights

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Tendulkar hailed as world’s best batsmen

The Little Master breaks another record

On Wednesday 24th February 2010, Indian batsmen Sachin Tendulkar broke another cricketing record. He became the first ever batsmen to score 200 in a One Day International (ODI). He smashed an unbeaten double century in 147 balls against South Africa in Gwalior, India.

Sachin Tendulkar, nicknamed The Little Master, is surely the best ever batsmen of all time. He has broken many records over the years, and this one may never be broken. The 36-year-old is an inspiration to all Indian cricket fans, and even the global cricket phenomenon.

I feel Tendulkar has made us Indians very proud and shows that in India, cricket is not just a sport, it is a religion! With India currently standing as the Number 1 Test team, it is an exciting time to be an Indian cricket fan! Sachin Tendulkar can truly be hailed the world’s best batsmen! The Little Master = Legend!

Below is the link to the BBC Sport article:

Sachin Tendulkar fires record 200 against South Africa

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YouTube’s IPL deal will revolutionise sport viewing

Indian Premier League comes to YouTube

On Wednesday 20th January 2010, it was announced that the Indian Premier League (IPL) will be broadcast live on a dedicated YouTube channel. The prestigious cricket tournament, which starts on Friday 12th March 2010, will enable viewers to watch the tournament live on YouTube. This is the first time a live cricket event will be broadcast live on YouTube.

I feel this will revolutionise the way sport will be viewed in the future. This great news will enable viewers from all over the world to experience a live event on YouTube. With Sky Sports 3D debuting on Sunday 31st January, I feel the future of TV broadcast has come with the YouTube’s IPL deal.

With YouTube being the best internet viewing experience of the millennium, I think this event will be a success. I cannot wait to experience this tournament on YouTube, because I feel it should it is an event not to be missed.

Below is a link to The Guardian’s article:

Also here is the Official Indian Premier League website:

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