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Top 5 Fastest Growing Tech Cities

Technology is all around us and all over the world now. Starting up a new tech business can all depend on where you are located. Whilst Silicon Valley maybe the tech hub of the world, it’s not where you will see the fastest growth. Apple, Google and Facebook maybe based in the west coast of the US, but you may be surprised where you can gain the fastest growth for your tech startup…

As reported by Compass, the fastest growing tech cities for startups are:

1 – Berlin

Germany’s capital has seen a very fast growth to become the world’s fastest growing city in terms of technology startups. With a large influx of investors from venture capital and private equity funds, Berlin has grown to become the best city in the world  to start your tech business.

2 – Bangalore

Bangalore joins Berlin as one the top cities in the world to grow in term its technology and infrastructure. India has been a great country to outsource and grow the IT branch of any business. Bangalore has many tech companies that are based there and is the city with the highest number of engineering graduates in India.

3 – Sao Paulo

Brazil’s tech hub city of Sao Paulo is the fastest growing city in Latin America for tech startups. With the only South American city in the top 5, Sao Paulo has become a great place to begin a tech company. Sao Paulo is preferred to Rio De Janeiro because it is the financial epicentre of Brazil.

4 – London

London is the fourth fastest growing technology city in the world. Berlin took the number 1 spot from London but the UK has seen very fast growth for startups recently. Most tech companies are based in the Shoreditch area of London and range from app developers to e-commerce startups.

5 – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the third fastest growing tech hub in Europe behind Berlin and London. With a range of business startups in the smart energy, software and digital health industries, Amsterdam is a great place to begin your tech business. Netflix and Uber have recently moved their headquarters to Amsterdam which shows that there are many advantages of starting up your company in Amsterdam.

Which city will you begin your tech startup in? Let me know in the comments below…

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