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Why does the Kraft takeover of Cadbury have to be bad for Britain?

Britain’s loss of Cadbury isn’t all bad news

Kraft Food’s acquisition of Cadbury was announced recently. From viewing the media’s opinion, it seems its all doom and gloom for Britain and its iconic chocolate brand. It does not have to be so negative. 3 reasons why it shouldn’t be all doom and gloom:

1. Cadbury is already recognised as a global chocolatier, therefore there will be no loss of loyalty.

2. Kraft Food’s acquisition can only mean more custom for Cadbury’s, reaching a wider audience

3. As more mergers/acquisitions of British companies take place, it will result in Britain being recognsied as an essential country to conduct more business activities.

Therefore, it doesn’t have to be bad news. Kraft may look like a typical US company that will eradicate all of Cadbury’s values, but it can also be advantageous to Britain.

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Pre-Budget Report date announced

Chancellor announces Pre-Budget date

Chancellor Alistair Darling today announced the date of the Pre-Budget Report. On Wednesday 9th December, Darling will outline his plans to try and reduce the deficit of the UK economy.

I feel this will be the last time Alistair Darling will publish a Pre-Budget. I think the Labour party will not be in power this time next year. However, I do hope Mr Darling attempts to help the UK economy in a realistic way.

Below is the link to the BBC News article:

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