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iPhone App Review – Wedmate

Wedding planning can be a difficult time for a newly engaged couple. Lots of things to think about such as venues, outfits, catering, guest lists and so much more. You want the day to go as you planned and for it to run as smoothly as possible. Wedmate, a new iPhone app has just launched which will help you every step of the way to ensure your wedding day goes as you want it. The app takes away your wedding stresses and enables you to get the help of your friends and family to ensure your special day is the wedding of your dreams…

Here’s is how Wedmate can help you plan your wedding:

Schedule your events

Wedmate enables you to create events for all the dates for your wedding celebrations. Starting from your stag/hen parties all the way up to the big day itself. You can invite guests and participants to the specific events and they will receive an itinerary for each specific event. This is a great feature which makes sure everybody involved knows exactly what is happening at each event.


Weddings can be very expensive so keeping to a budget can be very difficult and knowing how much you spent on everything. Wedmate enables you to set budgets on all the things you buy or book so you can keep a track on how much you have spent, and if you have enough money left to go all out on the reception party.

Group Chats

Keeping everybody informed about wedding ideas can be difficult. Wedmate helps you keep all your chats in place so nobody is left out of the loop. Wedmate asks for your participants mobile numbers and you’re ready to get chatting about all your wedding ideas.

Wedding Gifts

Receiving gifts on your wedding day are always special, but you don’t want to receive the same gift twice. Wedmate helps you create your wedding gift list where you can specify what you would like. The guest is given a link of where to purchase that gift, and once it is purchased it is taken off the list so you don’t receive duplicate gifts.

On the day

Your wedding day is here and everything has (hopefully!) gone to plan as you had wished. Your guests are having a great time and have taken lots of pictures of the beautiful newlyweds. Your guests can upload their photos onto the app so that you can keep these memories as part of your wedding day. Priceless moments that are with you forever…

Wedmate is a great app that will help you plan from the start all the way through to the wedding day itself. It is like your personal wedding planner which keeps all your events, ideas and conversations in one place.

Click on the following link and download the Wedmate app from the App Store now – Wedmate

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Does Apple Have A Diversity Problem?

Apple Inc. are one of the largest companies in the world and employ thousands of employees. Recently, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has come under scrutiny over the diversity of its workforce. The technology industry in general has a workforce diversity problem. The majority of these companies are run by white males. The problem is that not enough women are being employed in this sector and the ethnic minorities are having less of a say in the technology sector’s growth.


The biggest highlight in Apple’s diversity report shows that only 31% of Apple’s employees are women. This shows that Apple needs to do more in hiring female leaders to improve its diversity. The technology sector is full of talent and Apple needs to recognise that women are equally talented as men. Since 2014, Apple has improved its hiring of women claiming that 35% of its new hires were female.


The majority of Apple’s personnel are white (54%) which shows a lack of diversity from ethnic backgrounds. The report shows that 60 out of its 83 most senior employees are white men. Whilst Apple claims to be improving its diversity into hiring staff from different backgrounds, the senior staff and executives running the company are mainly white. Amongst the 83 executives, 1 is Hispanic, 2 are black and there are only 8 Asians.

Apple needs to drastically improve its diversity within its workforce. The tech giant claims to have made minor improvements from last year, but I feel that to be seen as diverse, Apple needs to employ from a wider range of backgrounds in senior positions. Also the lack of women in its workforce needs an overhaul including in senior roles. Currently Apple may have a diversity problem but with steady improvements they can have a workforce with employees from a range of backgrounds.

Do you think Apple are diverse enough? Let me know in the comments below…

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Top 5 Fastest Growing Tech Cities

Technology is all around us and all over the world now. Starting up a new tech business can all depend on where you are located. Whilst Silicon Valley maybe the tech hub of the world, it’s not where you will see the fastest growth. Apple, Google and Facebook maybe based in the west coast of the US, but you may be surprised where you can gain the fastest growth for your tech startup…

As reported by Compass, the fastest growing tech cities for startups are:

1 – Berlin

Germany’s capital has seen a very fast growth to become the world’s fastest growing city in terms of technology startups. With a large influx of investors from venture capital and private equity funds, Berlin has grown to become the best city in the world  to start your tech business.

2 – Bangalore

Bangalore joins Berlin as one the top cities in the world to grow in term its technology and infrastructure. India has been a great country to outsource and grow the IT branch of any business. Bangalore has many tech companies that are based there and is the city with the highest number of engineering graduates in India.

3 – Sao Paulo

Brazil’s tech hub city of Sao Paulo is the fastest growing city in Latin America for tech startups. With the only South American city in the top 5, Sao Paulo has become a great place to begin a tech company. Sao Paulo is preferred to Rio De Janeiro because it is the financial epicentre of Brazil.

4 – London

London is the fourth fastest growing technology city in the world. Berlin took the number 1 spot from London but the UK has seen very fast growth for startups recently. Most tech companies are based in the Shoreditch area of London and range from app developers to e-commerce startups.

5 – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the third fastest growing tech hub in Europe behind Berlin and London. With a range of business startups in the smart energy, software and digital health industries, Amsterdam is a great place to begin your tech business. Netflix and Uber have recently moved their headquarters to Amsterdam which shows that there are many advantages of starting up your company in Amsterdam.

Which city will you begin your tech startup in? Let me know in the comments below…

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