5 Tech Companies To Look Out For in 2015

Apple. Facebook. Google. Amazon. They were all tech startups once. Recently there has been a new wave of tech firms that will one day be household names to us all. Tech City UK are an organisation which encourage new tech firms to startup in the UK. The Future Fifty list consists of the top 50 firms to look out for this year. Here’s my top 5… 

Lyst is a online fashion platform which brings together all your favourite fashion brands and retailers and curates them onto one website. Your one place to visit to find all your latest clothing. Lyst has great features such as being notified of when your item is back in stock, and even when your saved items have reduced in price. A great fashion platform for all your shopping needs…


Hailo is an online taxi service where you can use your smartphone to request a licensed taxi to take you to your destination. Similar to Uber this app enables you to quickly get a taxi with a few simples taps on your phone. So if you’re unsure about the safety of Uber, why not give Hailo a ride…


HouseTrip is a website that offers you thousands of holiday homes to rent and use rather than the boring hotel room. Similar to Airbnb, HouseTrip offers you a holiday room on any location around the globe where you can choose which amenities that you need and for any time period during the year. When you’re planning your next getaway, give HouseTrip a try…


PhotoBox is the one place to go to get anything personalised with your personal pictures. Creating the perfect canvas to a personalised business card, PhotoBox is a simple service to use to create the perfect personalised gifts. A very simple app that you’ll soon learn to love…


Shazam is a simple app that makes it easy for you to find out what song is playing around you. With a simple tap on the smartphone app, Shazam will discover what song is playing around you by listening and finding the song and lyrics from its infinite database of music. If you haven’t downloaded Shazam already this is a must-have app on your smartphone. It’s time to know exactly what song that’s playing around you…

Which tech startup are you looking forward to explore? Let me know on the comments below…

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