My Top 5 iPhone Apps

The 5 must-have iPhone Apps

Have you just bought a new iPhone? Or do you just need some help on which apps to download? Fear not, I have put together my Top 5 Apps to download from the App Store…..

My Top 5 iPhone Apps

  • Google Maps – After the failings of Apple Maps, Google released its own Maps application. Its a must download to get you from A to B, and has all the correct places where they should be…
  • WhatsApp – The easiest way to instant message a friend, no matter which smartphone they are using….

  • BBC Sport – A great sports news app to find out all the goings on the world of sport. A cool, slick app….

  • Facebook Messenger – Facebook’s Messenger app lets you just chat with your Facebook friends, without getting distracted by the news feed….

  • YouTube – Finally, the YouTube app for iPhone is the easiest way to watch videos on your iPhone….

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading these apps now! What is your favourite iPhone App? Let me know in the box below….

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