Facebook & Google want Twitter

Facebook and Google: “Twitter, we want you”

Rumours have been emerging over the past 24 hours, that tech giants Google and Facebook want to buy the social media phenomenon, Twitter. Twitter is a live social media company which runs in real-time and has an idea of ‘following’ people to keep update. Many celebrities are on Twitter including Stephen Fry, Victoria Beckham and many more. Twitter is growing and it is not a surprise that tech giants Google and Facebook are rumoured to want to buy it.

At the moment these are just rumours but if this story develops it could be one of the biggest deals in technology history. I think if Google were to buy Twitter, it would use the live results of its search engine and combine it with Twitter’s real-time system. This could change how Google operates and maybe even monopolise internet searching. This would be very interesting.

If Facebook were to buy Twitter, I think it would show how powerful social media is. It will create a tech giant of social media and combine keeping in touch with real-time results. My gut feeling is that it won’t happen now, but if either tech giant completes a takeover, it would change the technology world forever. It would revolutionise the technology world and how people use technology in all walks of their lives. 

Below is the link to an interesting article from The Telegraph on this story:

Why do Google and Facebook both want to buy Twitter?

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